Innovation knows no bounds and the companies AQC Capital works with are proof of this.
Innovation knows no bounds and the companies AQC Capital works with are proof of this.
We walked through our vision and both AQC Capital and Anges Quebec just plain got it. They recognized that our platform makes the delivery experience as easy as flipping a switch which empowers our merchants to expand their customer reach. Their investment and knowhow is absolutely elemental for our business – both technically as well as our future expansion into the Province of Quebec.
Alok Ahuja
Co-founder and CEO of Trexity
AQC Capital has been an invaluable partner for Puzzle Medical as we develop our artificial heart for patients with advanced heart failure. Their expertise in the healthcare industry and extensive network of resources have provided us with unparalleled support and guidance. Their commitment to our success is evident in their ongoing investment in our team, helping us advance our technology and bring this life-saving solution to those who need it most. We are grateful for their partnership and look forward to continuing to work together to transform patient care.
Jade Doucet-Martineau
Co-founder and CEO of Puzzle Medical Devices

Since 2018, we've been privileged to work with AQC Capital. Their continued financial support through our last 3 funding rounds, in addition to their business growth support, has been critical to our success so far.

They have used their network to our advantage, connecting us with the right people and helping us develop our strategy. Developing a relationship like this over the years is key, as it allows us to work as a team through the highs and the lows, while being able to deploy much larger investments.

AQC Capital's focus on entrepreneurs will certainly help Quebec's startups grow and contribute to the economy of the province, while at the same time supporting sustainability and impact solutions that will benefit the environment and society as a whole.

Dragan Tutić
Co-founder and CEO of Oneka Technologies