We know it takes more than a good idea to launch a start-up. That’s why we provide value-added capital to support you at every stage of your growth.

AQC Capital is truly a committed VC. You can really sense, both in their words and in their actions, that they have the company's success at heart, both in terms of its international reach, and its local reach.

Alexis C. Steinman

At the start of the company, I was well trained in drug development, but these were my first rounds of investment.

Their guidance and our interactions allowed me to ask questions that were important to me, and to better understand the dynamics of corporate finance.

François Ravenelle
CEO and founder of Inversago

For me, it was truly a period of challenge. They "challenged" me on my business model, allowed me to go further in my strategic analysis, and they still allow me to do so today.

Marie-Hélène David
CEO and founder of Myni

The members of the AQC Capital team were good ambassadors and representatives of the company, supporting us in preparing for the rounds and making it clear to the other investors who we really were. It really helped us close our final rounds.

Dragan Tutic
CEO and founder of Oneka Technologies

They helped me really understand the other side of the coin or how corporate investors think... It helped me better negotiate certain terms with future investors, which worked in our favor in many ways.

Simon Bédard
CEO and co-founder of Clinia
AQC Capital has been an invaluable partner for Puzzle Medical as we develop our artificial heart for patients with advanced heart failure. Their expertise in the healthcare industry and extensive network of resources have provided us with unparalleled support and guidance. Their commitment to our success is evident in their ongoing investment in our team, helping us advance our technology and bring this life-saving solution to those who need it most. We are grateful for their partnership and look forward to continuing to work together to transform patient care.
Jade Doucet-Martineau
Co-founder and CEO of Puzzle Medical Devices
To tap into the knowledge and networks of over 250 angel investors at Anges Québec, our strategic partner
AQC Capital is the only VC firm in Quebec to invest 100% of its funds jointly with angel investors, many of whom are tech entrepreneurs themselves. As mentors, they draw on their wealth of experience and provide personalized guidance to help propel your business forward.
To take advantage of a team that’s there for you at every phase of your growth
Our team is made up of experienced professionals with complementary expertise, so you get the support you need right up until the moment you’re ready to make an exit with partners looking to invest in more mature opportunities.
To make contact with respected investors
We maintain close relationships with well-known investors and pave the way for you to access more mature, strategic capital from a wider geographic area when the time is right.
You have an exceptional team
We invest in solid, high-potential teams. Teams with founders who welcome collaboration and coaching, and that have the potential to grow at the same pace as their business.
You’re an early-stage startup
We get involved early on, especially at the pre-seed and seed stages. We occasionally invest in more mature ventures, up to pre-Series A.
You’re working on a high-potential product
We mainly invest in the software industry (SaaS, FinTech, AI, enterprise software, digital health care, etc.) and in any other sector where technology can deliver innovative solutions to emerging challenges.
You’re looking to break into a big market
We target global markets or markets with lots of potential customers where the barriers to entry present a serious challenge.